Volunteer Services
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Speare Memorial Hospital. Volunteers are an important part of our hospital and we are privileged to have dedicated volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life (men, women, teens). Each volunteer has different skills and abilities and contributes their time, interests, talents and energy throughout our organization and our community.

What can I do?
Volunteers are active throughout the hospital and provide many thoughtful services for our visitors, patients and staff. Volunteers listen and support the staff on the Medical Surgical Floor; provide directions for visitors at the Front Desk; assist family and friends waiting for a loved one in the Emergency Department; help at golf tournaments and health fairs; and volunteer in offices to assure smoother workflow.

Why should I volunteer?
There are many reasons to volunteer. For some:

  • It’s the satisfaction of helping others
  • It provides a way to meet new people
  • It is a way to get involved with the community
  • It’s an opportunity to keep active and use lifetime skills
  • It’s an opportunity to gain experience, explore a variety of healthcare fields and develop people skills

How to Volunteer

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