Speare Memorial Hospital

Social Services

At Speare Memorial Hospital, Social Services are an important link between you the patient, your family, your caregivers, the medical team, and the community.

In providing care for a patient, a physician or nursing team may identify a need for social services and refer a patient to our social worker. The social worker will work closely with the patient, his or her family and the healthcare team to assess the patient’s needs and to coordinate resources and programs to enhance and optimize the patient’s well-being.

Department Services

Patient and Family Consultation

  • Advance Directives
  • Substance Abuse Information
  • Home Care Information
  • Acute and Skilled Rehab Information
  • Support Groups
  • Spiritual Services

Prescription Assistance Program

  • Program designed to help eligible uninsured and underinsured patients of all ages receive needed prescription medications
  • There are minimum guidelines to follow in order to qualify for the program
  • $25 annual administrative fee. Please call 603-238-6479 for more information.