Speare Memorial Hospital

Steve’s Story

steve-danosismallSteve Danosi of Laconia spent an afternoon clearing shrubs on his property. A couple of hours later he noticed cramping in his right thigh, but only gave the discomfort a passing thought. A month later, however, he was walking bent over and had lost muscle tone in his leg.

Being the director of emergency medicine at Speare Memorial Hospital, he sought out his colleague Dr. Victor Gennaro of Plymouth Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. Turns out he had a herniated disk that was crushing a nerve on his right side, hence the pain in his upper right thigh. Because of the pressure on Steve’s nerve Dr. Gennaro recommended surgery, noting the typical regime of steroid shots and physical therapy would not help.

After discussing it with Dr. Gennaro, Steve did seek a second opinion from a neurosurgeon and received the same diagnosis and recommended surgical approach. He scheduled his surgery with Dr. Gennaro.

“It made no sense to go elsewhere when what I needed was offered here at Speare,” notes Steve. “I have great confidence in the Dr. Gennaro and the surgical staff, and as a patient, everything worked seamlessly. The nursing care was superb and the food was outstanding.”

“Two days before surgery I couldn’t walk upright—I was worse than the hunchback of Notre Dame,” Steve continues. “A week after surgery I was back to work and walking upright. I would never hesitate to use, or have my family use, Speare. Working in the Emergency Department, patients ask me about the doctors I refer them to. It is a matter of pride to share my own ‘Speare experience’ with patients. It is where I’m comfortable.”