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Richard’s Story

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Richard “Rich” Esposito of Plymouth Pet & Aquarium had always had excellent eye sight. But three weeks after accidentally slapping his right eye with a flex piece of PVC pipe, he couldn’t shake the uncomfortable sensation that “something was on his eye.” Having already seen a different eye doctor three days after the incident, Rich decided to call who he deemed the local eye care authority—White Mountain Eye Care.

He was able to get in to see Dr. Christopher Russo. “Dr. Russo was very comforting and assured me nothing was on my eye,” Rich explains. “However, the trauma from my injury had resulted in a cataract.” After bringing in Dr. Richards to further reassure him there was nothing on his eye, just a sensation, Dr. Russo scheduled Rich for surgery to remove the cataract.

“It was traumatic for me to realize I would have to have surgery, and need glasses after always having good eye sight,” says Rich. “But my overall experience with Dr. Russo and Speare was excellent. Soft sounds surrounded me in the operating room, I was covered in a warm blanket and everyone was reassuring and comforting. So very different from my expectation of surgery being cold, harsh and foreign. Dr. Russo and the surgery team got me through the whole process.”

Rich goes on to say, Dr. Russo was willing to see him right away—even at the end of the day— giving him peace of mind everything was okay, when he had concerns about damaging the repair following surgery. He also notes how the staff at White Mountain Eye Care went out of their way to research, explain and estimate the expenses associated with his surgery. The whole experience was professional, rewarding and much more than he expected.