Candee’s Story

testimonials_candeeWhen Candee Adams, of Moultonborough, headed off to her nine-year-old son’s football game one Saturday morning, she never imaged she would soon be at Speare—where she works as an occupational therapist—with a badly fractured leg.

Life, as they say, changed in an instant when Candee happened to lose her footing. She remembers, “My husband looked at my leg and said you know your knee and ankle aren’t lining up.” Pain and swelling quickly followed.

Candee was soon enveloped in the Speare Experience. “I can’t say enough about the staff, both those I already knew and those I didn’t,” Candee says. “From the moment I arrived, the x-ray technicians and nurses were so careful about my pain, my privacy and dignity. Dr. Giovan and his Physician Assistant Amanda Hall, from Plymouth Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic, were there so quickly—they were incredible. And, after I was admitted, the nursing staff was so attentive and on top of everything.”

Today Candee is back. Back in yoga, back in spinning class, and back at work in Speare’s Occupational Therapy Department. Back, thanks to intensive rehabilitation and what she calls her Giovan-Hall masterpiece, referring to the 12-inch titanium rod Dr. Giovan used to repair her leg.

“I’ve been where my patients are,” Candee says. “I’m now able to empathize with them better, whether it’s coping with night pain, struggling to manage daily tasks, or just anxious to get ‘back to normal.’ Because of my experience as a patient, I am a better therapist.”