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Patient Testimonials

smithtestimonialPatient Testimonials | Sharon’s Story

Sharon Smith of Plymouth first met Dr. Giovan after her 91-year-old mother fractured her shoulder. She distinctly recalls his interactions with her, and how well Dr. Giovan calmed her mother’s fear and anxiety, even commenting they shared the same birthday.

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christinetestimonialsmallPatient Testimonials | Christine’s Story

Christine Gleason of Thornton cut her heel walking barefoot across the pine floors of her log home. Not thinking much of it, she cleaned it up, put a bandage on it, and went about her day. A couple of days later, she noticed a red line moving up her leg from the cut on her heel. Nine years, and several treatments, later, Christine’s wound has not healed.

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testimonials_candeePatient Testimonials | Candee’s Story

When Candee Adams, of Moultonborough, headed off to her nine-year-old son’s football game one Saturday morning, she never imaged she would soon be at Speare—where she works as an occupational therapist—with a badly fractured leg.

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testimonials_creigPatient Testimonials | Creig’s Story

When Creig Doyle of Holderness woke up on the morning of November 11, 2010, he noticed his right arm felt stiff and that it was a little swollen. Seeing two “red dot pin prick” marks he chalked it up to a spider bite. As he was shaving he recalls his arm feeling tighter, and that he couldn’t make a fist, but continued on with his morning routine.

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testimonials_stevePatient Testimonials | Steve’s Story

One year and two hip replacements later (one on each side), Steve Sharps, 62, of Holderness says, “I never expected to be where I am today. This fall I went hunting at our camp up in Pittsburgh, climbed Crystal Mountain twice, and went canoeing. I feel great.”

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ralpholiverPatient Testimonials | Ralph’s Story

After three years of shoulder discomfort he tried to address through physical therapy and cortisone shots, Pharmacist Ralph Oliver could no longer escape the sharp pains in his shoulders that were waking him up in the middle of the night. While he could no longer lift his arms above his shoulders, the pain and discomfort weren’t affecting his tennis game. As a competitive, year-round player, it was his tennis game he feared losing the most from having surgery.

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RichEsposito1aPatient Testimonials | Richard’s Story

Richard “Rich” Esposito of Plymouth Pet & Aquarium had always had excellent eye sight. But three weeks after accidently slapping his right eye with a flex piece of PVC pipe, he couldn’t shake the uncomfortable sensation that “something was on his eye.” Having already seen a different eye doctor three days after the incident, Rich decided to call who he deemed the local eye care authority—White Mountain Eye Care.

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stevedPatient Testimonials | Andrew’s Story
The last thing Andrew McLean, 43, of Moultonborough remembers is walking in to the Emergency Department waiting room at Speare Memorial Hospital.  The next thing he knew he was waking up in a hospital room at the New England Heart Institute at Catholic Medical Center (CMC) in Manchester—two days later.  How he got there is quite a story, and one he has been told a few times since his journey began on April 23.

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steve-danosismallPatient Testimonials | Steve’s Story

Steve Danosi of Laconia spent an afternoon clearing shrubs on his property.  A couple of hours later he noticed cramping in his right thigh, but only gave the discomfort a passing thought.  A month later, however, he was walking bent over and had lost muscle tone in his leg.

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