Speare Memorial Hospital

Volunteers Are Changing Lives for the Better

Posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

By Matt Humer, Student & Volunteer Services Coordinator

volunteersSpeare volunteers are making a difference in supporting the Hospital’s mission to provide excellent healthcare for our community every day. That was the message at the Volunteer Appreciation luncheon this past April, celebrating the contributions of Speare’s volunteers. Since July 2012, we’ve had over 100 active volunteers who have selflessly given of their time and talent to help Speare provide the best healthcare possible.

Volunteers serve throughout the facility in many diverse, impactful ways:  from spending time playing board games and browsing photo albums with our extended-stay patients, to welcoming and guiding guests to the Hospital at our the front desk.  Two new clerical roles and one new patient support role have been created in the last year, which shows not only how adaptable Speare volunteers really are, but also the level of respect Hospital staff have for them.  To illustrate the point, my first day on the job as the new volunteer coordinator,  I had one staff member welcome me then shout “Don’t take my volunteers!”  Another staff member asked to meet with me about expanded volunteer placements in their departments. That was truly a testament to the quality and dedication of the volunteers I’m lucky enough to work with.

Speare volunteers are known to bring a caring spirit and a superb work ethic to their roles each and every day. Tom Costigan, the Administrative Director of Laboratory Services and strong advocate for the program, says, “The volunteers are upbeat and always ready to help.  As you walk in the morning I am always greeted with a nice comment and smile.” It is that devotion to service that has made Speare volunteers a critical part of our success in serving the Plymouth community for well over a century.

Volunteers reaching service hour milestones were also recognized:

2000 hours: Irene Deutsch
1000 hours: Mary Ann Adams, Irene Blake, Pat Corbin
500 hours: Elizabeth Wallace
100 hours: Sarah Caruso