Seeing is Believing

Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

seeing is believingSeeing is Believing
By Emily Holland, Community Relations Intern

The bright February sun flooded the optical shop at White Mountain Eye Care & Optical with warmth as Pamela Gould tried on her new glasses for the first time. “You not going to believe the quality,” Bill Reale, optician explained. After 30 plus years of being an optician one of Reale’s many areas of expertise is helping patients navigate the multitude of frames available, and find the perfect pair.

“I think I tried on almost every pair of ladies frame they had in the store,” Gould laughed, before finally settling on a stylish blue Coach frame. “They were so helpful, and provided me with superior service and care.”

And superior quality is what she received. Diagnosed with a rare viral eye problem, Gould has been seeing Ophthalmologist Dr. Richards for years and when it came time for new glasses it was Reale she enlisted to help. “His experience is very evident,” Gould said of her time spent with Reale.” He knew exactly what he was talking about and was able to explain the medical jargon in laymen’s terms.”

“Mrs. Gould was the perfect candidate for the newest Hoya customized progressive lens given her specific eye care needs, and the fact that she is extremely active,” Reale explained. The lens that Reale is talking about is a free form progressive lens that enhances visual acuity (sharper vision), reduces distortion, allows for a wider field of vision, and helps to improve distance vision. It is also lightweight, scratch resistant, and provides a high definition quality of vision.

Gould, who has lived in Plymouth since childhood, is involved in numerous activities within the greater Plymouth community. She organizes of the Women’s Ski Programs at Waterville Valley, as well as teaching seniors ski tips as part of the Silver Streaks Clinic, also at Waterville. Gould enjoys spending her free time as a competitive golfer and traveling to Europe once a year to participate in competitive bike riding.

Gould explained, when asked how she chose White Mountain as her eye glass specialist, “I had been to see Dr. Richards a few times before at the new facility and I glanced at the frames they carried. I like to have a selection, and I wasn’t sure exactly what type of frame I wanted.”

Gould sees her frames as a way to express her style, and with the brands that White Mountain carries the choices are endless. From Prada, Vera Wang, and Ray Ban to Lilly Pulitzer and Nike, White Mountain offers frames for everyone—children and adults.

The Hoya lens, which is not only for patients with specialized issues, can be placed in any type of frame. “The progressive lens allows for bifocals, trifocals, or even simple nearsightedness without the annoying lines in the middle, I wear them and I love them,” Reale said. “By carrying these lenses we can offer our patients the highest quality available on the market.”

Along with frames and lenses, White Mountain also carries an array of the most popular contact lens brands with a promise of prices comparable to 1-800 Contacts. White Mountain Eye Care & Optical is located at Speare Memorial at Boulder Point. The Optical Shop is open Monday through Friday 8 am- 5pm.