Taking responsibility for my own health has always been a challenge. I was too busy, too tired, and had too much to do. A friend asked me to please pay attention to this fault and go get a colonoscopy. I had one several years ago at Speare, but was not an employee at the time.

I clocked out of work and saw Dr. Casey in his office. He was kind and listened. As I was discussing my family history I became aware that this was an important exam for me. My father died of colon cancer, my sister was diagnosed three years ago with stage 1, and my big brother had just lost his battle to renal cell cancer. The time was now.

I picked a date that was convenient for me. My prep was ready at the pharmacy. I left work at noon to prepare. I arrived promptly at 8:30 am the next day and was taken into my very own room. I was wheeled into the room where Dr. Casey sat at a console which reminded me of the Starship Enterprise. We joked and I laughed. I woke up to my favorite things to drink and I was discharged. I had no recall of the test but was readily informed of the star quality of my colon!

How fortunate to have this resource right in our back yard. No long travel time, no inconveniencing family to take a long ride to Concord which would include a day off, and no side effects from the procedure at all. Please take the time to do the responsible thing. Have your colon checked. It could save your life.

Ann Marie Cote,
Campton, NH