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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy professionals provide evaluation and treatment for patients with a variety of conditions and at varying stages of their lives. Working with the patient, our physical therapists provide high quality services to treat disease, injury and disability.

Outpatient physical therapy includes the evaluation and treatment of patients with musculo-skeletal and neurological impairments. Therapists utilize therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, heat and cold, modalities and comprehensive home exercise programs and education to assist the patient in reaching their maximal potential.

Specialty programs include: vestibular therapy, incontinence training, Anodyne therapy and Functional Capacity Evaluations.

The inpatient physical therapy staff work with the inpatient team at the hospital to design an individualized treatment program to help patients reach their highest level of functional independence and to try to maximize return of function as quickly as possible. Physical therapists work with the inpatient team to ease the transition from SMH to other healthcare facilities or home when ready for discharge.

In conjunction with Surgical Services and the Patient Care Management departments at SMH, RehabFIT offers pre-operative training for patients prior to joint replacement surgery. Physical therapy staff instruct individuals on what to expect after their surgery, teach the use of a walker and/or crutches and some basic exercises that will be used post-operatively. The session also includes considerations for preparing the individuals home environment, and equipment that may be needed at discharge.

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