Special Programs
Our clinic offers referrals to several programs in the area that offer financial assistance to those with a diagnosis of cancer.

Resource Information
The Oncology Clinic has books, pamphlets, videos and many other educational materials available. These materials cover all different types of cancers and treatments. Nurses are also available for questions and educational programs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is Oncology?
A: Oncology is the care of people with cancer.

Q: What is Hematology?
A: It is the care of people with blood disorders.

Q: Can I get my care at Speare?
A: We are able to provide most chemotherapy treatments in our outpatient clinic.  Patients are seen in our clinic by our oncologist (cancer doctor), who is from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC).  Patients are encouraged to have a local primary care physician.

Q: Do you have radiation therapy at Speare?
A: Radiation therapy is offered at specialized radiation centers, the closest being Concord Hospital or Dartmouth Medical Center.

Q: Where did you get these comfortable chairs?
A: Ippolitos Furniture!