Speare Memorial Hospital


The following list, though not inclusive are some of the services offered by the Occupational Health Department.

  • Physicals: Pre and post hire employment, DOT and non DOT.
  • Medical Exam Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
  • Immunization Clinics: Hepatitis B, Flu, Tuberculosis, Tdap
  • Vaccinations: MMR, Hepatits B, Tdap and Flu
  • Breath Alcohol Testing: DOT and non DOT
  • Fit Testing with OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Non-OSHA audio screening
  • Urine Drug Collections: DOT and non DOT
  • Vision Screening
  • Workers Compensation: follow-up and treatment protocol
  • Physical Capacity Screening
  • Respiratory Therapy: Pulmonary Function Testing for employment baseline screening, diagnosis, and work monitoring
  • Specific On-site Clinic Visits