1. Where do I come when coming for a physical and/or testing?
    Come to the Emergency Department Reception area and let them know you are here for Occupational Health.
  2. What do I need to bring with me?
    Bring a valid photo ID and any paperwork that your employer gives to you.
  3. What is required of me for a urine drug screen?
    You must register first, bring a valid photo ID and have a full bladder..
  4. My employer wants me to follow up with your department after my injury but
    I feel fine.

    Most employers need you seen so that you can be released to full duty and be able to perform your job and according to Workers Compensation rules and regulations. This protects you and your employer.
  5. Why do I need to schedule an appointment?
    It is beneficial to have an appointment for random, pre-hire drug screens and breath alcohol testing so there is less wait time.  You do not need an appointment for a post-accident or reasonable-suspicion screening.
  6. I’m underage, what do I do if I need to be seen or obtain a drug screen?
    You must physically have a parent or legal guardian present when registering and sign the consent for treatment. The drug screen  form needs to signed by a parent and or guardian and by you.


For further questions feel free to call the Occupational Health Department at (603) 238-2348.