What to Expect During Your Visit/Procedure

  • You can have your blood drawn at the Speare Hospital lab, or the lab at Speare Memorial at Boulder Point.
  • Please keep in mind the hospital laboratory is busiest during the morning
  • Before coming to the laboratory you must go to outpatient registration located on the right as you come into the main hospital entrance. The outpatient clerk will need your insurance card and lab order.
  • Once registered, proceed next door to the lab.  The technician will only need your lab order.
  • At Boulder Point, registration is straight ahead of the front entrance and the lab is up the stairs to your left.
  • If you have a faxed order, standing order, or you are an oncology patient, let the technician know and they will promptly locate and process your order.
  • Loose fitting clothing helps so that we can examine your arms for the appropriate draw site.
  • If you have a personal request or want your blood drawn from a specific site or technician please let us know, and we will be happy to accommodate you.   It is our pleasure to serve you!